Bar Dov Family Review

We did a Self-Drive trip across South Africa conducted by dear David! He did all the planning for us and besides paying one Invoice we didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Our holiday was planned to the highest standard, along with real time availability, good will and politeness.

Prior to our departure David provided us with a booklet which included our route and relevant information such as addresses, phone numbers, history and facts.
In addition, he assisted with every possible detail starting with selecting the best flights and recommending places that would interest us the most in a combination to allow us to experience all that South Africa has to offer. Every attempt to contact David along our tour was met with a helpful and by all means professional advice.

bardov 2

We are a very well-traveled family, and the quality of this trip was beyond all expectations and David has a huge part of our unbelievable experience in South Africa.
We thank him for this perfect trip and we highly recommend this to those who are interested! We simply can’t wait to come back again!

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